Established in 2012 Chuck grew in popularity at residencies in London hotspots, Spitalfields and Kings Cross, and now Cheltenham-based chef Lewis Spencer and his team are bringing a slice of Americana home to GFD.
 The dishes are bold, popping with colour and full of flavour. Chuck Burger Bar uses smoking techniques to incorporate an extra dimension to the toppings, sides and brunch dishes. Their signature burgers use aged UK reared, ex dairy cow, beef but it doesn’t stop there, with a solid brunch vibe available every day alongside great coffee, smoothies, juices and locally brewed beer.

A steak burger in a brioche bun, oozing with cheese, bacon, onions, and mayo.
Lewis from Chuck stood smiling and wearing a black leather apron
A closeup of a fried chicken burger on brown waxed paper, in a brioche bun with mayo and hot sauce.
A tall burger with cheese, guacamole, salsa, on top of sour cream, pickles, red onions and lettuce
A vibrant nacho bowl with purple tortilla chips and loads of gorgeous sides
Breaded bites with a dipping sauce
The Chuck sign in the process of being hand-painted
Closeup of someone holding a veggie burger with beetroot, mushrooms, onions and rocket, in a dark seeded bun
A row of Chuck burgers in branded takeout containers

Opening Hours:

Mondays – Thursdays 9am to 10pm
Fridays – Saturdays 9am to 12am
Sundays – 9am to 9pm